About Us

About Mike Flora

Mike Flora was established in 1980 at Rambukkana, a tropical paradise 80Km away from Colombo city. Today the business has grown to 3 purpose built nurseries located at Rambukkana, Madawala and Nawala covering over 100 acres. We maintain parent stocks for more than 100 tropical plant varieties which are under different levels of shading. The company is regarded as a pre-eminent exporter with a gilt-edged customer base in distant destinations across the globe.

Over the course of the years, our export business has grown into an absolute export specialist and we’re a proud leading force in our domain. Our core business is exporting tropical plants and foliage to destinations all over the world. Mike Flora being GLOBALGAP certified company believe in delighting our customers with best quality products with timely delivery.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred Horticulture Company in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We believe our ethical existence is to delight our customers and stakeholders profitably with high-quality horticulture products delivered to our customers on time.

Why Choose Us

With over four decades of experience in ornamental plant production Mike Flora is a company that serves global clients with pride. Being a well-recognized brand name for quality plant supply, our products have reached wholesale nurseries, commercial cultivators, breeders, garden centres and department stores worldwide.


To meet its commitment and strengthen socio-economy, the company employs over 300 highly skilled staff who follows best agronomy practices with best quality assurance procedures and constant research and development. Through the knowledge of international trade practises we’re continually growing and looking forward to provide services to clientele globally in order to bring in needed foreign exchange to the country.


Extensive research and innovation allow focusing on varieties in the current market trend and enable to design products per customer requirements. Constantly select superior-characteristic mother plants for propagation process.


Our range consists of over 100 popular species with strong paternal expression, and available in over 20 different modes for value addition process and landscape decoration.


High quality parent materials use for propagation and maintained in adequate condition to ensure survivability. Global good agriculture practices followed at every aspect of the operation to ensure the ongoing quality.


As part of our services, we adhere to post-shipment technical backup and undertake export arrangements and international delivery. We also offer contract growing services and consultancy in our area of expertise.

Mr. Mihindu Keerthirathne

Chairman's Message

Infusion of my knowledge as an architecture with my passion towards horticulture, resulted in constructing a beautiful home garden which become eye catching for overseas visitors and eventually became the starting point of the first export business Mike Flora.


We are pioneer in supplying field grown ornamental plants in wide range of species and different modes in our own fields equipped with fully irrigated and automated net houses managed with nursery management system by top professionals in Sri Lanka.


Our key values are maintaining professionalism, integrity and fairness in relationships with our valuable business partners and customers. Mike Flora strives to contribute to the sustainability of our global environment by emphasising greenery to the community at large. In that sense, we believe it’s our corporate social responsibility to deliver high-quality products and services for customers enthralled by green plants.


Over the years, we have provided many job opportunities for deserving youth in the community, and we take immense pride in looking after the welfare of our employees.

Mike Group

Our business diversity plays a major role in our success, enhances business credibility and image, and provides long term stability. Increase lease of knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make better products and reach a greater audience. Over the years, we have achieved many milestones and built a stellar corporate presence.

Standards & Achievements

Over the past few years, we have raced to meet the consumer’s demand for year-round supply of an incredibly diverse range of horticultural products at a great price. This has been achieved through the significant development of horticultural exports.Mike Flora, is a Global GAP certified nursery complies with market requirements and consistently provide the quality required by the customer at a competitive price. That’s our secret to success.

We are honoured to be recognized with many esteemed awards for the export of horticulture products to worldwide markets scattered globally. Our appreciation is extended to our loyal clients, business partners, parent company, and all employees whose outstanding support and performance during challenging times helped us to record excellent results. Our accolades speak of our commitment to the stringent standards required by global buyers.

Quality Assurance

We have established quality control protocols as per the industry standards required for export. We consider it our primary responsibility to market only the highest quality plants; all of our output is processed to eliminate the unwanted. After stringent control tests are conducted in two stages, namely bulk sorting and individual sorting and cropping, exports are given the green light to go ahead. To guarantee high standards are maintained, all plants are packed and stored in sterile temperature-controlled cool rooms. Finally, the cartons are carried to the airport using cool trucks to ensure freshness.